OFF Staging: Il Ritorno

An important place within OFF is reserved for the opera makers of the future: the students of today. Within the festival they make their first opera. 

We live in a world full of expectations and biases. Based on someone’s appearance, ideas about one’s character take shape and snowball on until we claim to know this person’s ‘identity’. The creators of Il Ritorno share the desire to disengage from identifying people by their appearance. What if you feel trapped in your body? How can you disengage yourself from the thing that shapes you, moves you, allows you to breathe and live? And what would the world look like if this was accomplished? 

In this opera the spectator is taken to the sweet nothing  by a group of young people; a world in which they have become detached from their body and in which they have become unrecognizable, irreducible. How far will they go to succeed? 

Photos: Milagro Elstak

Watch the festival trailer:

Team & cast