OFF Music Session: Nienke Nasserian Nillesen

Singing & Music Theatre

During the OFF Nights of OFF 2021 you can enjoy various short musical performances. With music styles ranging from jazz to close harmony, there is something for everyone. One of the music sessions during OFF Night #1 is provided by Nienke Nasserian Nillesen.

During the five years of collaboration with Ben van Daal and Demos Horn, mezzo-soprano Nienke Nasserian has already created three music theatre productions with them. In this concert, the three artists will perform two pieces from their performance MZUNGU. Nienke will also sing the aria ‘Angivumanga’ from the opera Princess Magogo by Mzilikazi Khumalo.

Automatische concepten 101
Nienke Nasserian Nillesen together with Ben van Daal en Demos Horn.

Watch the festival trailer: