OFF Composition: Saoshyant

An important place within OFF is reserved for the opera makers of the future: the students of today. Within the festival they make their first opera. 

Saoshyant  means ‘the one who brings advantage’ in the Avestan language. This person is regarded as the savior, who will come to humanity to overcome evil and make the world perfect. 

In Ramin Amin Tafreshi’s adaption of the famous story from the Shahnameh, ‘the book of kings’, you are taken to the mythical kingdom of Zahhak, the snake king, and the search for the true ‘Saoshyant’ of this story. During the festival, the spectator is given a unique insight into the working progress of the composer. We follow Ramin’s search for a savior and what this means for our humanity and our relationships to others. 

Photos: Milagro Elstak

Watch the festival trailer:

Team & cast