OFFSpring: Small Steps

An impression of a special opera walk

Early November 2020, the special city walk Small Steps took place as part of OFFSpring. This walk through Amsterdam South allowed participants to look at the world through the perspective of a child. They made the walk individually, in the open air, and could therefore safely experience the beauty, comfort and stimulation of music and theatre.

During OFF 2021 you can experience Small Steps from your own living room, by enjoying a beautiful impression video of the opera walk.

Small Steps  took its participants along the water that has connected Amsterdam with the rest of the world for centuries. Through headphones you can hear the uninhibited voice of a girl who raises the question if the world is developing in the right direction. Which way do we have to go in order to improve? And is it perhaps a first step to reflect on yourself? What wish do you have for the world?

With this project the creative team hopes to bring people together, without them having to be physically close to each other. They also want to inspire adults to be curious about strangers and the unfamiliar in order to re-explore the world. Step by step.

OFFspring is a series of special productions by young theatre makers and artists who have participated in previous editions of our Opera Forward Festival. For their projects, the different creative teams engage in a dialogue with the major opera titles that Dutch Nationale Opera had originally programmed this autumn, as well as with the various districts of the city of Amsterdam and its residents.

The assignment of the artistic team of Small Steps was: create a new opera that takes the opera Innocence and the district of Amsterdam-Zuid as a starting point.

Watch the festival trailer:

Team & cast