About OFF Night #2

OFF Night #2 – Talent/topicality/artistry

This OFF Night is all about artistry and the exchange between established artists and young talents. How do artists deal with the disappearance of their live stage and the online possibilities that replace it? Where do they go from here?

Discover the possible directions in six new short student operas, the physical performance HCoV-NL63 by Gregory Caers with students of the MBO Theaterschool Rotterdam, and the special OFFspring projects by participants of previous editions of the festival.

Renowned Flemish theatre maker Gregory Caers has become an OFF fixture with his unexpected, surprising performances with students of the MBO Theaterschool Rotterdam. In this new creation – named after a coronavirus strain – he explores how cold, dark feelings of a single individual can infect an entire group.

OFF Talents
The makers of the future are currently being trained at conservatories, theatre schools and universities. OFF’s intensive collaboration with professional art education gives them the opportunity to work on new short operas.

This edition of OFF presents four OFF Stagings, for which artistic teams were inspired by operas from the early days of the genre, and two OFF Compositions, in which the emphasis lies on the creation of a completely new opera.

OFF allows young makers to discover what it means to make opera and music theatre. To follow up on this first exploration and to help makers take new steps in their creative process, De Nationale Opera has launched OFFspring: unique new productions by makers who previously took part in OFF.

Live programme
We also present various talks with those involved in OFF during a live programme. Stay tuned for more!

Furthermore, during OFF Night #2 you can enjoy various musical performances and stimulating talks. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on the programme!

Watch the festival trailer: