Spoken Word Performance: Danny Kuiper

A spoken word performance about gluttony

Within Opera Forward, besides opera, the meeting of opera with other art forms is central. Therefore, in line with the opera The Seven Deadly Sins, seven spoken word artists were asked to each create a performance about one of the seven deadly sins. You can hear the result during OFF Night #1 on 18 March. Danny Kuiper has created a performance about the deadly sin gluttony.

Danny Kuiper
As a father of two daughters and with a history as a soldier, Danny knows only too well which monsters are lurking under the bed. He dares to take them by the horns and call them by name. Behind his often melancholic texts exists a form of self-reflection, relativising and humour, which also goes hand in hand with unpretentious sincerity. He is the organiser and initiator of the word stage Onuitgesproken in Eindhoven. Together with an enthusiastic team of literary performance artists, he wants to give spoken word a place in Brabant.

Danny Kuiper on the deadly sin gluttony
“When I was asked if I wanted to represent one of the seven deadly sins in words and sounds for the Opera Forward Festival, I didn’t have to think for long; of course I said yes. At that time, I had only recently recovered from my gastric bypass. It is therefore no surprise that my fight with my overweight would be the subject of my performance; I was assigned the deadly sin of gluttony. My obesity has left its mark on most of my life. It was therefore quite confronting to start working on this. Yet it is also the perfect opportunity for me to tell how I came to this, how I dealt with it and how I still have to deal with it. I hope that with this piece I can be a sounding board of recognition for those who struggle with the same thing and that I can give a glimpse behind the scenes to those who cannot imagine what kind of struggle this involves every day.”

Photo: Milagro Elstak

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