Spoken Word Performance: Houda Bibouda

A spoken word performance about envy

Within Opera Forward, besides opera, the meeting of opera with other art forms is central. Therefore, in line with the opera The Seven Deadly Sins, seven spoken word artists were asked to each create a performance about one of the seven deadly sins. You can hear the result during OFF Night #1 on 18 March. Houda Bibouda has created a performance about the deadly sin envy.

A song for the moon (6+) 1

Houda Bibouda
Houda Bibouda made her debut as a word artist at Wordsplay during International Woman’s Day in 2019. A fiery and driven lady who sees strength in and draws on her vulnerability. Writing and speaking under the pseudonym ‘Tough and Vulnerable’, she tackles fundamental and vulnerable themes that will touch you deeply.

Houda Bibouda on the deadly sin envy
“The deadly sin of envy makes me nauseous. I will not say the word easily, but perhaps you can read it in my eyes.

Maybe I am so envious that I don’t want to feel it. An error occurs in my mind when I think about it.

I suppress my feelings, feel the heat and discomfort rising to my head. I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel angry. When she gets a hug, when she gets praised again. How she doesn’t have to ask for help but automatically gets it. For years I have been fighting not to see it. But now I am being put to the test. I think I am, envious.

And the anger and frustration has been a mask to suppress that feeling.

Time for an unmasking.”

Photo: Milagro Elstak
A song for the moon (6+) 1

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