Spoken Word Performance: Isis van Geffen

A spoken word performance about lust

Within Opera Forward, besides opera, the meeting of opera with other art forms is central. Therefore, in line with the opera The Seven Deadly Sins, seven spoken word artists were asked to each create a performance about one of the seven deadly sins. You can hear the result during OFF Night #1 on 18 March. Isis van Geffen has created a performance about the deadly sin lust.

Isis van Geffen
Isis van Geffen is a cabaret artist-to-be and is engaged in performance, image and language. During her participation in Poetry Circle 013, she discovered the writer and performer in herself. She stands on stage to give her texts an extra dimension and makes interdisciplinary installations. Isis goes from absurdist pieces to compelling, humorous anecdotes. From cryptic to small and intimate, in orer to blur the line between player and spectator; this is what she does with her performance at OFF 2021 as well.

Isis van Geffen on the deadly sin lust
“In my text, I approach the theme of lust from an absurdist side. The devil in my text is a metaphor for the dark side in myself. A side that pulls me down and submerges me in fear.

The devil seduces me with beautiful words, so that I let myself be persuaded again. Again and again, it is a struggle not to give in. At a certain point, the realisation arises that things cannot go on like this.

I want to send the devil away, banish him from my mind. But that is not possible.

That dark side is a part of me and I have to learn to give it a place. Only then can I control it.

So the devil no longer sleeps in my bed, but on the couch.”

Photo: Milagro Elstak

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