Spoken Word Performance: Stryder

A spoken word performance about pride

Within Opera Forward, besides opera, the meeting of opera with other art forms is central. Therefore, in line with the opera The Seven Deadly Sins, seven spoken word artists were asked to each create a performance about one of the seven deadly sins. You can hear the result during OFF Night #1 on 18 March. Stryder has created a performance about the deadly pride.

Stryder is a Palestinian, a poet and a child of the 1980s. A simple man, but one with a strong opinion. He grew up in an era during which hip-hop inspired the youth and stimulated them to think. Because of this, he learned the power of words at an early age.

Stryder on pride
“Personally, I am intrigued by the fact that pride is not initially considered a sin by a lot of people. In fact, many people consider it to be a positive quality. And that is precisely where the danger of this sin lies for me. Pride has a blinding effect on people and sometimes causes us to intentionally do what is bad for us.

While creating my text, I have tried to reflect on the role pride has played – and continues to play – in the coping with war within the Palestinian community. In doing so, I tried to place both the sin and the trauma transmitted from generation to generation in a different light.”

Photo: Milagro Elstak

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