OFF Talk: Benjamin Rous

An opera crash course

Besides impressive operas and musical performances OFF 2021 presents during OFF Night #1 and OFF Night #3 11 inspiring talks that will stimulate your head and heart. One of the speakers during OFF Night #1 is Benjamin Rous, who accompanies music and opera tours and is the writer of, among other things, the book “Opera: een geschiedenis in 27 sleutelwerken” (“Opera: a history in 27 key works”).

For many people, a visit to the opera can be intimidating: isn’t it that elitist art form for which you actually have to know a lot? In this crash course, Benjamin Rous shows you that this could be more untrue. Love, jealousy, hate, happiness and sadness; opera is about everything that makes us human, and confronts us with our positive and our negative sides. The power of music draws you into the stories. Opera seduces, delights and overwhelms. So be bold and, together with Benjamin Rous, fearlessly enter the wonderful world that is opera!

Watch the festival trailer: