OFF Talk: Remko van Broekhoven

Let the sins work for you

Besides impressive operas and musical performances OFF 2021 presents during OFF Night #1 and OFF Night #3 11 inspiring talks that will stimulate your head and heart. One of the speakers during OFF Night #1 is philosopher Remko van Broekhoven.

For centuries, moralists have been telling us what we must not do and where we must not go… where the seven deadly sins reign: pride and greed, lust and envy, gluttony, anger and laziness. Philosopher Remko van Broekhoven presents them in De Wereld Omgekeerd  (The World Turned Around)  as the bad things we do for the good reasons and indicates how we can interpret the sins as challenges to satisfy our deeply human needs differently and better. In other words: how can we deal with the evil in others, but, definitely, also in ourselves?

Photo: Fjodor Buis, commissioned by Atlas Contact

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