As we evolve

Vijf interdisciplinaire teams, een nieuwe generatie operamakers. Studenten van het Conservatorium, de Theaterschool, de Filmacademie en de UvA komen samen om hun droom te realiseren; opera maken. Volg hen hier wekelijks om te zien hoe dat in zijn werk gaat — de inspiratie, de dromen, de tegenslagen en de successen tot de premières tijdens het Opera Forward Festival.

One of the most fascinating things about a relationship is how it evolves over time.

Ours started out with two partners, Emily and Andreas. Both of them had a passion for words, so they based their working relationship on an oral foundation. But what should they talk about? Emily soon raised an important issue: ‘Let’s discuss equal rights of men and women!,’ and in the blink of an eye, she jotted down a flaming pamphlet. ‘That’s a great idea for sure, but we need to think it through thoroughly,’ Andreas responded, scrutinizing Emily’s text.

Before they could start working on the fundamentals, though, a third person joined them: Warre. He gave the relationship a new tone and a much more melodious feel. Shortly afterwards, their threesome developed even further. Although the new arrival, Koen, had a strong sense of directing people, the four continued to make art at eye level. The diversity of the partners called for a harmonious social intercourse: ‘they’ soon became ‘us.’

Starting from Emily’s initial idea, we spent many stimulating nights working on human togetherness. ‘Our relationship runs pretty smoothly,’ we thought. ‘Why do so many others fail?’ While trying to create an opera about the ways in which people live together, the common concept of love appeared more and more flawed to us. All of us seemed to be wedged in a restrictive construct determining a vast number of dos and don’ts. Why do people constantly bother about the form of their fellow human beings, we were wondering. Why can we not simply cherish each other’s souls…?

A relationship is most fertile when it evolves over time, as only then it can defy the danger of becoming incrusted.

Our opera:
Gender theory teaches us that we are all subject to a complex social construct based on the concepts of femininity and masculinity. At first, this may sound quite complicated. However, it entails a vast number of very common real-life problems. Gender inequality and sexism are just two examples. Another one is – love. How much easier life would be if we could shake off all the constricting rules we are told to adhere to! – Or would it? Let us explore this affair in our opera…

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